―Those who need Japanese travel agency license―
How about starting travel agency business as our partner agent?

Recently, travel business in Japan is gaining attention and its demand is improving with increase of the number of foreign visitors to Japan.
However, in Japan, in order to operate “travel business”, it is required to register as travel agency based on “Travel Agency Act”.
It is not easy to acquire this permission and it requires the maintenance of national exam and complicated procedure. Moreover, it is said that at least 4 million JPY is necessary to start business including deposit*¹.
By registering as our partner “Travel agent”, you can easily start travel business without paying above money.
For registration, you will need administrative procedure and some money for permission acquisition fee (300,000 to 500,000 JPY*³) but after the registration*², monthly fee is only 10,000 to 30,000 JPY of contract fee. (this is the cheapest fee in this industry as of today in 2019)
We are looking for partners widely regardless of your current address.
We also started travel business from zero so we can give you advise and want to cooperate as much as possible for starting your business.
We welcome not only Japanese people but also foreigners in Japan who want to arrange Japan tour from their home country and those working in foreign travel agency who want to arrange Japan tour.
Please feel free to contact us.
Let’ s transmit attractive Japan to the world!

*¹ Except for “area limited travel business” which handles specific area.

*² In case there is no one who has the certificate of travel supervisor or domestic travel service supervisor, there will be an additional fee since we need to introduce full-time supervisor.

For question and request for partnership, please contact from here