We are a small travel agency located in Chuo-ward Kobe City.
The company name called BE TORABERU has come from a message summarizing the thoughts of Kobe citizens “BE KOBE, Kobe should be like more KOBE.”
TORABERU represents the pronunciation in Japanese of a word “Travel” in English.
“We love people and feelings that are facing new challenges and deliver it as a message in which being proud of such Kobe” -Referring to BE KOBE website.
Following the word, we are proud to challenge new business in Kobe and have decided to re-start the business that our representative started alone from 2016 based here in Kobe.
Regardless of nationality or age, travel-loving staff are able to communicate with customers while enjoying and bringing our hearts closer together because we are a small company.


*Company Profile*

Company Name BE TORABERU CO.,Ltd
Date of establishment April 1st ,2019
Head Office Motomachi do-ri 2-5-14 2F,Chuo-ku,Kobe-shi,Hyogo,Japan
TEL / FAX 050-5305-2005 / 050-3588-1414
URL be-toraberu.co.jp
Capital 5,000,000JPY
Business Contents 1. Travel services in accordance with the Travel Agency Act.
2. Planning, development and promotion of characters
(Persons, animals and objects with unique names and features).
3. Planning and promotion of regional specialty products and sightseeing spots.
4. Planning, development, production and sale of various products related to the characters.
5. Travel intermediary for travel agencies, franchise business relating to travel services, and consulting services for these.
6. Management of various events.
7. Any other business incidental or relating to the businesses referred to in any of the foregoing items.
Licensed Number Registered with Hyogo Governor No.3-777