*Who’s KOBAY?*

We want to convey the appeal of Kobe and suburbs to the world more, and we want more foreign tourists to come there!
With that thought in mind, the sightseeing PR character KOBAY was born.
When it comes to talking about our hometown with foreigners whom we met while traveling abroad or who came to Japan, they often referred to “Kobe Beef” when they knew our hometown was Kobe.
Around Japan, no matter where you search, we think you can rarely find the specialty of the region like this product with world wide recognition.
The good news is that the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is increasing every year.
However, the number of people visiting Kobe is still small, even though it is only 20 minutes away from Osaka, which has the most popular Kansai airport.
Not only easy to access, but there are still many wonderful places which are not widely known, such as hot springs, ski slopes and castles, that are not far from the beautiful town surrounded by the sea and mountains.
Utilizing the modern Japaneseness, by combining unique character culture and the “Kobe Beef”, we will spread the charms of Kobe to the world.

*Introducing KOBAY characters*

KOBAY *Kobe×Bay
Birth Place
International port town Kobe
A local promotion mascot for the sightseeing Kobe and suburbs
Open-minded, free-spirited
Learning foreign language
*Self-professed multilingual speaker
Party, Drinking * often having a hoarse voice
PR of Kobe and suburbs at the Osaka-Kansai Japan Expo in 2025
Purpose of
Attracting foreign tourists to Kobe and suburbs / Increasing the visibility of the Kobe beef & Tajima Beef

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