We contribute to the future of Japan
by increasing the number of fans of
Kobe and Japan through travel.

I returned to Kobe and started my own business in the hope that many people can experience the attractiveness of Hyogo and Japan, which I rediscovered through my own overseas experience.

I always try to see things with a broad perspective, without being bound by stereotypes, so that I can respond to customers of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. I am happy if I can contribute to the future of Japan by increasing the number of fans of Hyogo and Japan through travel.

CEO Kaho Watanabe



Born in Kobe. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Kansei Gakuin University. A mother of two children.

I lived in Germany as a child and studied abroad at the University of Bonn, Germany while a university student.

After graduating from university, I worked for a foreign pharmaceutical company and a travel agency.
In 2017, I started my own business as a sole proprietor.

I have provided services to clients of various nationalities based on my experience of visiting more than 40 countries and my multi-language skills.

Having established BE TORABERU CO.,Ltd, I am currently focusing on creating contents and promoting the attractiveness of my hometown, Hyogo, in cooperation with the administrative agencies.